Sale of angular tubes and sheets

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We are currently offering a special sale for angular tube and sheets.
Angular tubes
Welded construction and decoration pipes – square, made of sheet metal or tape.
1.4571                                1055 m                              20x10x1,5
1.4571                                  190 m                              50x30x2
1.4571                                  144 m                              60x40x4
1.4571                                  354 m                              60x60x2

The right sheet for every requirement.
If there is something for you, we will make it suitable.
 1.4301  1152 kg  1500/3000/8 version 1D
 1.4301               216 kg       1500/3000/6  version 1D
 1.4301              800 kg  1250/2500/4    version 2B
 1.4828                     200 kg  1250/2500/4  version 1D
 1.4841                    400 kg  1000/2000/25      version 1D

We look forward to support your projects with our solutions.

Your STAPPERT Fleischmann team